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Three Types of Agreements
Dual Admissions, Core-to-Core, Program-to-Program

To participate in dual admissions, core-to-core and program-to-program agreements, students must earn an appropriate associate's degree before transfer. These agreements are not exclusive of one another. If a student transfers to a school with which there exists all three or two of the three types of agreements, the agreements can complement one another

  1. Dual admissions

    A partnership to promote student-friendly, seamless transition to the transfer institution. This type of partnership guarantees admission and acceptance of credits at the four-year institution. Students commit to these programs before entering or early in their community college careers. The programs often include financial incentives. Below is a list of four-year institutions with which Community College of Philadelphia has dual admissions agreements.

    • Cabrini College

    • Chestnut Hill College

    • Cheyney University

    • Drexel University Blue-Gold Connection

    • Eastern University

    • Holy Family University

    • La Salle University

    • Peirce College

    • Rosemont College, Undergraduate College

    • Saint Joseph’s, College of Professional and Liberal Studies

    • Temple University

    More information about dual admissions.

  2. Core-to-Core

    The acceptance of approved associate's degree programs in which the general education reflects the core requirements of the four-year institution's curriculum. If a student earns an appropriate associate's degree (usually an A.A. or A.S.), the four-year institution's core requirements are satisfied except for core courses required by the intended major and possibly for other requirements that reflect the specific values of the transfer institution (e.g., religion, foreign language). Below is a list of four-year institutions with which Community College of Philadelphia has core-to-core agreements. To access information about each college or university agreement, click on the school name.

  3. Program-to-Program

    An agreement in which an entire curriculum or program of study is accepted to provide a graduate of a specific associate's degree advanced standing in a specific bachelor degree program.

    To the left is a list of institutions arranged in alphabetical order with which the College has program-to-program agreements. Select the institution of your choice to see a listing of the individual programs. Select the individual program to view the transfer agreement guidelines.